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    Market Downturn? The Climax of Heavy Truck May be in 2020



    Foton Motor and the Truck Alliance Signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement 


    On August 17, Foton Motor Group and the truck alliance signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement in Beijing. Foton Motor Group Party Secretary and General Manager Gong Yueqiong, Deputy General Manager and President Song Shushan, Deputy General Manager and Executive Vice President of Foton Daimler Zhang Wei, Press Spokesperson and Senior Vice President of Commercial Vehicle Group Li Jian, CEO of truck alliance, Luo Peng, director of the truck alliance and CTO, Tang Tianguang, and the heads of the business unit attended the signing ceremony and witnessed the strategic signing of the two parties.

    According to the contents of the signed cooperation agreement, the two parties will establish a long-term and stable strategic partnership in the future and will carry out multi-dimensional and in-depth cooperation in product, market and finance. At the same time, they will share the information and resources each other.




    Mutual Benefit and Comprehensive Strategic Cooperation


    On the day of signing, the leaders of the truck alliance have visited the Foton Motor Industry Internet Monitoring Center accompanied by the leaders of the Foton Motor Group and listened carefully to Li Jian, who is the Fonton Motor Group spokesperson and the senior vice president of Foton Commercial Vehicle Group, for the detailed introduction of the Foton Motor Intelligent Products. Luo Peng, the CEO of the truck alliance, highly praised the innovation and achievements of Foton Motor Intelligent Products. Simultaneously, he said that Foton Motor Smart Logistics System is accurate and fast, which can highly improve the logistics efficiency. The signing of the cooperation is not only an opportunity for both parties to achieve a win-win situation, but also a revolution for the logistics industry.




    At the signing site, the Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of Foton Motor Group, Gong Yueqiong, said that the concept of Internet + Logistics for truck alliance coincides with the commitment of Foton Motor to develop a smart logistics system, which is also the only way for the development of the industry. In this cooperation, Foton Motor will provide customized models of the three brands of Auman, Aumark and Aoling according to the proportion of customer structure and giving the most fundamental guarantee at the product level.

    The cooperation between Foton Motor and the truck alliance is a deep integration based on the common concept. The two parties will work together to build a one-stop full cycle intelligent logistics solution around new car e-commerce, product customization, after-market, used car, financial customization and cargo matching to achieve a win-win situation for manufacturers, platforms and users.




    Join forces to help transform and upgrade the logistics industry


    As a leading company in the commercial vehicle industry, Foton Motor has established a smart logistics system with the support of the top strategy of One Cloud, Four Interconnects and Five Intelligences in order to adapt to the rapid development and changing market demand. It is enable to effectively improve the cargo matching ability and operational efficiency and to promote logistics industry to reduce costs and increase efficiency. In the cause of realize a more convenient car purchase experience, Foton has established three online platforms, including test drive, membership service, used car trading, parts service, car networking combined with Foton's strong supplier system and product development capabilities to form a comprehensive service matrix online and offline.



    At the same time, as the leader of the Internet + Logistics industry, truck alliance has created an online trading platform covering the national source of goods for the pain points of the traditional logistics industry, which is dedicated to the development and application of the cargo matching big data platform and solve the long-term loss of goods, shipping costs and personal accidents. At present, 7 million pieces sources of information are released every day and the daily freight forwarding transaction exceeds 140,000, which has grown into the country's largest comprehensive service platform. Meanwhile, truck alliance deeply developed the service market of the vehicle and created a 100 billion-level O2O closed loop, which was highly recognized by the state and the industry.

    In the future, Foton Motor will focus on building a big data ecological platform for the Motor industry and become an eco-platform service enterprise integrating industrial big data + big data on industrial consumption, and finally complete the upgrading and transformation of the industrial Internet strategy. The cooperation between Foton Motor and the truck alliance is a strong and diversified cooperation. The two sides will also carry out strategic cooperation in more aspects to help the smart logistics system developing in an all-round way and provide more professional and cost-effective smart logistics solutions for the market.


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