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    The correct way to use the air conditioner in the summer!


    The Heat is Coming, These Tire Protection Knowledge Should be Knew 

    The summer hot season is approaching, and the outdoor temperature in many places has reached 30 degrees Celsius. Have the card friends already felt the thick and malicious in the summer? The high temperature in summer is not only a test for people, but also a test for vehicles. In the high season of this puncture, the card friends should not neglect the inspection of the tires, because the accidents caused by the puncture can not be underestimated. Let's take a look at the precautions for summer driving tires.




    The high temperature in summer is not only a test for people, but also a test for vehicles. In the summer, many vehicles are equipped with a water sprinkler to ensure that the brakes do not suffer from brake failure due to thermal decay. Although the water sprinkler can effectively reduce the temperature of the brake drum, the tires under high temperature encounter a certain degree of damage when encountering cold water. Moreover, when the vehicle is going downhill for a long time, the tire increases friction due to the braking force plus inertia, the temperature rises sharply, the tire pressure rises, and there is a possibility that the tire may be ignited by the high temperature driving for a long time!



    The Auman EST Super Truck is equipped with a hydraulic retarder with an engine-assisted braking system to ensure safety while completely saying goodbye to the shower tank. At the same time, avoiding frequent brakes may cause the brake to fail due to thermal degradation and prolong the service life of the tire.




    In the process of using the tire, the wear caused by road friction, high load and heavy load is called natural wear. The first two digits of the side of the tire represent the first few weeks, and the last two digits represent the year of production. It is recommended to replace it as soon as possible after the service period or the tire is severely worn. Regularly check the tire pressure and wear of the wheel to ensure that the tire's crown is not excessively worn. Regularly clean the stones in the pattern. If the tire has a problem such as rupture of the drum, the quality of the tire is not uniform, and the high temperature in summer is more prone to dangerous situations such as puncture. When starting or braking, the vehicle should avoid sudden acceleration and rapid deceleration, which is one of the main reasons for accelerating tire wear, and it is more likely to cause a flat tire in summer.



    The Auman EST super truck is equipped with ZF's new generation TraXon intelligent gearbox, which has intelligent driving function. It fully captures the national road spectrum data with PreVision GPS, minimizing complex road condition shifting and emergency braking.




    The air pressure of the tire is very important for driving safety. If the tire pressure is too high or too low, it will affect the grip of the tire. The correct tire pressure should be maintained according to the data provided by the manufacturer. The different models will be marked accordingly. Due to the principle of heat rise and contraction, especially in summer, the tire pressure will also become higher. In the summer, you can develop a habit of checking more and prevent it from happening.



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