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    Hunan Ruia Truck Promotion Conference


    Hunan Ruihua Truck Promotion Conference


    The National Day has passed and it has entered the countdown to 100 days in 2019. On October 13, 2018, Ruia Group held a truck promotion meeting. The event collected 26 customer information and registered 10 members of Foton e and 2 potential customers.


    1.jpg     2.jpg      3.jpg


    On-site check-in, Fukuda e-member registration



    After registering as an APP customer, you can log in directly in the app and bind the vehicle to enjoy the ultimate service function of Foton:<?xml:namespace prefix="o" ns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office">


    Member system: You can log in to your member account in e home, you can buy points for car repairs, points for redemption gifts, deductible maintenance costs can be used. Can also enjoy membership benefits;


    Warranty, Rescue: After the maintenance, you can get a one-button warranty and rescue in the APP, get the service faster and better, and return the points for gifts and maintenance coupons;


    Gift will be sent: download the Futian e home, you can recommend the friends around you to buy a car, you can get up to 600 cash; your friend may also get a repair voucher;


    Festival activities: Now, when we arrive at Fukuda, we will send a lot of welfare, oil card, Jingdong card, maintenance voucher through Fukuda e, and you will hurry to the next one.


     4.jpg   5.jpg   6.jpg    

    Test drive



    8.jpg         9.jpg

    Product explanation






    10.jpg          11.jpg


    The specific configuration is as follows: Auman new ETX truck, 9.6 meters, 8 * 4, Fukang 360 horsepower, 10 tons rear axle (440), 4.111 speed ratio, with ABS, 12 gearbox, March 2018 inventory car . Special treatment, discount 10,000, only one.


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