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    Hunan Ruia Truck Promotion Conference



    Ruia Truck Promotion Conference Successfully Concluded

    The Mid-Autumn Festival has passed and the season has gradually joined the late autumn, and the weather is cold. On September 25, 2018, in this cool autumn day, Hunan Ruihua Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. held a promotion meeting for the Auman EST small truck Chen Ping. The event collected 15 customer information, 1 intentional customer, and 5 Futian e-members.


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    Auman Super Power Cummins Engine


    Intelligence: Cummins X12 engine uses three intelligent technologies, namely ADEPT smart assisted driving technology, PowerSpec intelligent vehicle management technology, Connected Diagnostics remote service technology. Dynamic management of powertrain torque output and neutral coasting for optimal balance of fuel economy and power, providing users with the most appropriate power configuration solution, and providing users with the best performance solution based on real-time engine data.


    Efficient: In the global 10 to 15 liter engine range, the X12 has the highest power, and the low-speed and high-torque function is further enhanced. It can reach 2300 Nm at 1000 rpm, and the maximum torque can be output from 1000 to 1400 rpm. Overtaking, climbing is easy. Equipped with the second-generation iBrake engine braking system, it can provide 400 horsepower braking force, greatly reducing the wear and tear of the service brake, saving money, controlling the speed of the car, and making the brakes safer.


    Fuel saving: up to 2000Bar XPI ultra-high pressure injection technology, good fuel atomization, Leak ness pressure holding technology to achieve precise oil control, full combustion, improve fuel efficiency, achieve fuel economy; improved friction pair, improve fuel economy, compact Efficient after-treatment system reduces pipeline package, reduces energy consumption in thermal management, and further reduces fuel consumption, helping each user to spend a lot of money in every transportation.


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